Ortur Master 1

Ortur Master 1

Compact and AWESOME!!!

With this little Ortur Laser you limit is only your imagination. Imagine a machine that is portable and easy to use. Sure you have to dial in the settings but once you get the hang of it you will love this little machine.

If you are like me I always questioned buying these electronics from China. But wow this little machine is legit. As always firmware and applications make or break these machines. However with this machine running GRBL I just plugged it in and used Lightburn to set it up. I did not even try their software. To me why would I use anything else besides Lightburn. It is worth the $40.00 for a lifetime license. 

What I learned:

First because it is so light and compact you will need to secure the feet so that it does not walk around while it is doing its thing. Second be patient and dial in your settings. There is a facebook group that can help alot and your results will be fabulous!

To Set up the Ortur Laser master with Lightburn software, first click New Device.  Choose the first GRBL in the list.  Then select Serial/USB for connection.

Now we need to name the laser.  If you only have one laser, this is easier to identify which laser your using.  Just name this something you'll remember.  In this case, we named it Ortur Laser Master.

Then we need to input the travel of the distance of the X axis and the Y axis.  Our X axis length 150mm and the Y axis length is 160mm.

The next step is to set the origin of your laser.  The origin is where your laser's home position is.  The laser needs to move to extreme lenths of the rails to know where the rails start and finish.  Our origin is in the front left.  We also want to auto home our laser on startup, so it will come to the front left every time you turn on the laser.

Finally, we've finished imputing everything we need to.  Just confirm that all the settings are correct and hit the ok button.  You've successfully set up your Ortur 15w Laser Master Laser engraver for use with Lightburn!

Time to Upgrade

One of the hardest things to do is line up your project when you have an odd shaped piece of material that you are trying to engrave on. I solved that problem by creating a lightburn camera mount for the Ortur Version 1. Some ask why do I need a camera? 

The Camera allows you to see your work space and where that odd shaped piece of wood is within the work space. Therefore you can superimpose your image design over top of what the camera is seeing. So when you hit fire on your laser you know that your design will be in the perfect spot on your material.

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