The essential 3D Printer Tool!!

The essential 3D Printer Tool!!

I went into a full 3D printing production business July 2020. 2020 was hard and I thought it was crazy to invest so much money into printers and my shop! So my wife and I knew, although unspoken, we were not going to move forward going into debt. 

So I tried to start off slow and print with my 3 printers and as orders would come I would scale up. What I did not realize was how many many orders were about to come. 

​As money came in it went right back out buying printers. My most recent purchase was 6 FLSUN Q5 delta printers. I am extremely happy with these printers. I have them printing Duramic PETG at Prusa quality!!

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Through all of these purchases I have found THE MOST ESSENTIAL TOOL OF 3D PRINTING!!!! (how about the dramatics lol)

No seriously 

We all know that we are not supposed to use the blasted metal scrappers on our printer bed!!!! So most of us just use our finger nails. I AM TIRED OF GETTING FILAMENT SPLINTERS!!!!!   

Anyone who has printed a lot and switched between PLA, PETG, and ABS knows that certain filaments stick extremely well to certain types of printer beds. When we get to those moments take a look at this scrapper. It has saved my finger nails like none other. 

The best part is IT IS ONLY $5.99!!!!!!!

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