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“The Swinger” Universal CNC Dust Boot

“The Swinger” Universal CNC Dust Boot

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65mm or 80mm Spindle Dust Boot for the Onefinity, Shapeoko, Mill Right, CNC4 Newbies, Inventables and many more. Works with any 65mm or 80mm spindle or router Like the Makita Router. This is on Pre-Order right now and expected to start shipping by the end of May 2024. 

This has many unique qualities compared to other Spindle mounted dust boots.

1: Hinges open to allow easy access for your bit changes. No more unhooking your dust collector hose or taking off your dust boot to change bits

2: Huge window to allow for viewing what exactly is going on during your carve.

3: Comes 98% Assembled!!! (just put the brushes in and be done)

4: Detach the front brushes and still vacuum most of the dust. This think has massive suction!!!!

5: The Swinger comes with a Cam Lever to help make one handed adjustments to the height of your boot 

6: Printed in all ABS Filament

7: 65mm option comes with 1.5" Brushes and the 80mm option comes with 2" brushes

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