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Onefinity CNC Vacuum Boom Digital Files (package)

Onefinity CNC Vacuum Boom Digital Files (package)

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This is the package deal for all of the digital files for the Onefinity Vacuum Hose Boom Accessory.

Includes: Base, Knuckles, End cap, all four sized clips, all spindle and journeyman upgrades as well as Elite files

Remember to attach the base to your Onefinity you will need a M5x45mm socket head or an M5x50mm bolt

Print settings:

I use hatchbox PETG click here:

4 walls at 20% infill

zipties click here:

Velcro click here:

Pipe click here:

Pipe lengths starting from the base up
10” 10” 7” (woodworker) add another 7” piece for a journeyman and Foreman

This is the printer I use: The Artillery Sidewinder:

The Creality Ender 3:

These files are not for resale or distribution

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