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Ortur Version 2 Lightburn camera mount Digital File

Ortur Version 2 Lightburn camera mount Digital File

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This is a digital file..... If you want the physical item please visit my other listing

Want a Lightburn Camera mount for your Ortur Version 2? Here it is!!!! Get your Lightburn 160 or 140 degree degree camera and attach this mount to align your laser job.

This purchase comes with 3 different versions.

The original version is made so that you do not need any hardware to mount. (requires 220mm x 220mm print bed)

Version 2 is more sturdy and uses: (you will need to purchase) (requires 220mm x 220mm print bed)
2 M5 30mm bolts
2 M5 t-nuts

Third option is for smaller printers 150mm x 150mm print bed
This option is a little more tricky to print due to how the dove tails need to fit together. Glue may be necessary

Also with the updated version the bottom will need to be printed on its side and supports used for the dove tail only

When printing I use 4 walls and 30% infill
Hatchbox PLA:

If you are thinking about getting into printing here are the machines I use
Creality Ender 3:
Anycubic Chiron:

Comes with the following digital files

2 part main bracket
3 piece camera mount

Remember to put the usb cable through the rear hole and the fixed camera mount holder before you hook up your camera.

When putting the bracket together I made it super tight for stability. Therefore when putting the dovetail joints together use a hammer to tap it in. Please do not use excessive force it will go in!

The main bracket slides into the back aluminum extrusion. Again it is a tight fit so gently tap with a hammer

Finally if you are having trouble with the camera mount fitting in try to sand it a little. I have already test fit everything but some want there camera mount more loose then I prefer.

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